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Eyye · of · Newt

Harry, Ginny and Luna's picnic

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This is chapter two of the fic I started a few days ago

if you missed part one you can get it here

Chapter 2

“Bloody hell”

Ginny broke free of Luna’s mouth, her hand still resting on the blonde girl’s knee where she’d leant into the kiss. Her giddy exhilaration bubbled over into laughter as she compared Luna’s dreamy expression to Harry’s almost-caricature of slack-jawed surprise.

“Bloody Hell” he said for the third time making Ginny howl even harder, tears coming into her eyes as she felt a dam burst within her. Feelings she had been hiding from herself for months now free.

Standing with some difficulty, she pulled Luna up after her into a hug “thank you” she whispered into her ear.

Luna looked at Harry around the taller girls shoulder “How was Hedwidgeon”

It was the one topic guaranteed to distract Harry and he launched into an enthusiastic description of the owl’s hunting success. Pigwidgeons only daughter was already bigger than he was and had a bit more growth in her. Now she’d had a really good supervised flight session Harry was planning on a trial mail-flight “let’s hope she’s a bit faster than her dad, eh?”

By the time he’d started to run down, the picnic basket was repacked and Luna was talking about skipping tea at Heather Cottage to apparate straight back home to get ready for the ball. He said nothing as the girls hugged goodbye - standing coldly rigid, waiting to leave.

By the time they got to Heather Cottage, Harry’s quiet had deepened and his jaw was clenched. Subtly so, but then Ginny knew him better than anybody.

“So what now?” He demanded, “Am I dumped?”

“what I love’, She rubbed at her forehead in frustration “What I love… like… whatever about Luna, is what I love about you! You’re kind, funny and brave and so is she. I feel whatever I feel for her because she reminds me of you!”

“Oh great. Now I get dumped for a version of me with tits!”

“That’s unfair”

He turned his back to her, “Is it? It wasn’t me kissing someone else”

“Harry Bloody Stupid Potter, you are a total ass sometimes. I’ve said I’m not dumping you. You’ve been my dream since I was eleven! I’m just confused at the moment. Luna helped keep me together after Fred died, all those times you were away at Auror training”

Het turned back, mouth open and Ginny lifted a warning finger “No, don’t interrupt. I know you had to go, but I was a mess then and I needed more time than one person could give. Possibly more anything than one person could give. I didn’t want to burn out our love. You’re far too important to me for that.”

“That means I am not going to dump you just because I kissed a girl. I’m not certain what I’m going to do about Luna now I’ve embarrassed myself like that but you have nothing to worry about.

She poked him in the chest, “So why not show me why you’re a better kisser than Luna…”

He wrapped her to him, one hand in her hair, pressing her lips to his own for a long minute. She was breathing harder when he let her go.

“Call that a kiss?” she said running a finger down his chest, “Maybe girls are hotter…”

Harry grinned, “Actually that kiss was pretty hot from where I stood too, but I’m not done yet…”. Leaning down he picked up the slim form of his first real love and carried her screaming, giggling and foot-kicking over to the bed.

“Now you’re gonna see some kissing!”


Lazily folding an arm across her body, Harry asked “So what do you plan on doing about Luna?”

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On January 16th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC), eyyeofnewt commented:
Haha - she has a plan... :))
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